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Welcome to EM3ev


If you register on the site or place an order on the site, the email generated by the site may be rejected by YOUR email provider, but we will receive the order and we will see any rejection notices. We have not had any problems receiving emails and the amount of email bounce backs is now much reduced. If you have any doubts about an order, feel free to send a contact form or email, we will receive it. We will be moving to a new Website host soon, but until then, we apologise for any inconvenience with emails being blocked or slow website performance. We are no longer sending emails from our host, so there should be no issue with our everyday emails being blocked unless you have overly sensitive spam filters or provide the wrong email address, but we can't do much about either of those issues

You can email on orders(at) or orders.em3ev(at), they will both arrive in the same inbox. Replace (at) with @, it's to avoid spam :)


We’ve moved our past news updates and general info to here: New Stuff, News etc. and we will continue to put future updates there. I'll see what we can do about  making it a bit more colourful and see if we can start a blog soon.

A new information section has been added here: Product Support and Info, it will be updated soon with the various links that we would generally email to customers.

We can be reached via the contact form, here: Contact Us. Before you contact us about shipping costs or a quote, please be aware the site has an automated checkout and we have some info on what the shipping options mean, here: Shipping Options Explained. To most destinations, you can get an accurate shipping quote and checkout with PayPal. Whilst we cannot receive Credit Card payments directly, PayPal does allow cuctomers to pay via CC or Debit Card. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal. Please be aware that Batteries must be shipped via a proper battery shipping method, which will have "Battery" in the description. Battery shipping costs are often changing, so there may not be a suitable option listed, or it could show a higher or lower cost than it actually is. There is the option to Checkout with "Request a Quote" so if you have any doubts, please use that option and add your comments. 

For Business/Dealer, we can offer quantity discounts, please get in touch if you have any questions: Contact Us. Using the "Request a quote" option at checkout to select parts you have an interest in, will save all of our time. Add comments and let us know something about your company. For non-business customers, we can offer similar dealer discounts, but only for quantity purchases. 1 kit with a battery doesn't really qualify as a qunatity purchase I'm afraid :)

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